Sonoma Road  focuses on the configuration, setup and training for the advancement of video and photography.  We can deliver critical training and knowledge;  whether you’re  an individual, company, organization, or government agency.  Our services and expertise caters to the beginner as well as the professional.

Sonoma Road is your solution to the ever-changing and ever-challenging digital imaging environment.  There have been quantum leaps in digital photography technology and video equipment. As a result, consumer’s  understanding of digital still cameras, video cameras and phones gets more complicated with every new product release.  To confuse matters even more, there is wonderful, but difficult new supporting software for still photography and video production.  That is exactly where Sonoma Road’s innovative training workshops form an essential element for unraveling  the quagmire of different technologies.  Our expertise eliminates the monumental difficulties that exist for successful implementation of the new technology.

With current advancements anyone with the proper equipment and training can now produce and broadcast video from home, office or field.  Today, this can be accomplished without spending a half million dollars in equipment and software as in the past.  The combination of internet advancements, social media and new digital equipment has created a new revolution in video and its delivery.  What was once only available to Hollywood and television networks is now in the hands of consumers and businesses at every level.  Sonoma Road LLC can show you the best way to take advantage of these new, but very different features of the new video revolution.