About Us

Sonoma Road is a company that provides solid answers to the complex and perplexing challenges presented by today’s digital imaging environment.   The company features a highly experienced, award-winning management team.   The two founders met and worked together on several corporate assignments more than two decades ago.

Tom Sullivan is one of America’s premier photography and video professionals.  He has documented some of the world’s most famous people and places and recently completed a national PBS television series called Moneywise which focuses on minority financial issues.  Tom served as the director for all 26 shows and as editor for the 13 shows in the series. Tom directed the project by creating the one of the first studio show produced utilizing the high-definition Canon 5D Mark II DSLR camera.  Tom is an acknowledged digital superstar in a world of many pretenders and is truly unparalleled in solving common roadblocks to superior video shooting, production, producing and directing.

Tom has had assignments photographing Presidents of the United States, documented part of Queen Elizabeth’s 1991 visit to America and served as team photographer for the Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Ravens, Washington Capitals and the Baltimore Thunder.  In addition, his photography has appeared in National Geographic Magazine, many United States National Park Service Publications.  He has also won awards for his videos of national weather disaster portrayals.   Tom has traveled the globe authenticating environmental issues and videoing/photographing a wide variety wildlife and flora for world zoos and national conservation organizations.  His work producing television commercials for the world famous Moscow Ballet on the Nutcracker Suite tour of America tours was credited by promoters for helping promote packed audiences throughout the performance schedule.   He is currently developing a package for the new 2012 ballet effort.

Even the United States Marine Corp’s highly- trained combat video unit, hired Tom to conduct a two-day session recently at the Pentagon that included full sessions on video technique, production, utilization of support equipment and hands-on training with the class at the Pentagon.

Frank E. Longwell brings 40 years of high-level corporate communications expertise to Sonoma Road and he provides a vast array of marketing/sales skills.  He is a former Marketing Officer for three large corporations and a highly successful President/owner of a world-wide communications consulting company.

Frank served as a communications officer for the United States Army.  In that role he was post information officer at Ft. Gordon,  GA, and then ran a combat photography and communications detachment at LZ Baldy in Vietnam from 1968-1969.  Several of his combat/Vietnam pictures have been published as well as many of his dramatic writings of that conflict.

Frank has headed multiple research task forces for major corporations, was editor and publisher of numerous corporate publications, (winning several awards), taught communications media interviewing techniques to high level corporate officers in three national corporations, led multi-million dollar national advertising campaigns, won direct marketing awards, conducted research campaigns that included national consumer focus group meetings, developed highly effective targeted marketing campaigns that produced highly successful revenue and profits.

Our Values

Our methodology combines strategic expertise, award winning formulas (design) to deliver “beyond the handbook” training and guidance.  We believe in honoring our clients with unquestionable excellence and best practices.  We also believe that business can be conducted in a helpful and joyful manner that is strongly etched in highly ethical and moral standards.

Our Commitment

We stand ready to provide a clear and concise message of value to our customers and clients.  With a combined 70 years of proven experience, the management team of Sonoma Road holds itself to performing   the highest standards of performance and professionalism.  The goal is to provide superior digital training and production that helps customers manage their efforts at the highest levels of optimization.