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44710 Cape Ct. Suite 122

United States

Join Sonoma Road’s Tom Sullivan and Manfrotto at Ace Photo in Ashburn Virginia for a free seminar  on June 9 &10.  Tom will review the new and exciting support and creative tools that have evolved during the fast-moving HDSLR revolution.  We will look at the technological advances to existing support systems and discuss monopods, fluid-heads, tripods, matte boxes, sliders, jib arms and a new exciting  “game changer”—the remote control.  Tom will deliver tips and provide “insider tricks” to make your workflow and live as a videographer easier and more creative.

Participants will be provided with different fixed shooting environments versus “run-and-gun” situations.  And lastly, we will explore the intricacies of video production with the operative work being PRODUCTION>

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