The Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center – (CBEC) is a partner with Sonoma Road in the development of a series of photography and video workshops scheduled in 2012.   We will be introducing a new concept on how to learn and produce professional style videos and photographs. Check out the video Sonoma Road produced for CBEC that  involved the Center’s preparation for  preparing an Osprey nest for habitation in the spring. Please have a look and send us you comments. Download Video (HQ)

Baltimore Station – is a  homeless shelter for addicted military veterans in Baltimore. The station is an old converted firehouse that houses nearly 100 men.  The focus is centered on helping the men  in their recovery efforts from drug and alcohol addictions..  Sonoma Road is in the process of developing a poignant documentary on the struggles and victories of men involved in in a new, very private and often devastating war.   Many have served our country in various  military actions in Vietnam, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan.  Some have been fighting this new unpublicized battle for 40-50 years and are beginning to emerge victorious thru the efforts of the therapeutic community at Baltimore Station.  It is a story worth telling and Sonoma Road is proud to be part of this outstanding organization.

The Real Estate Roundtable – is a large lobbying  group for the commercial real estate industry.  Sonoma Road has been contracted to develop and install  a video training studio and to assist in  placement of video  media press releases in conjunction with the group’s web efforts.

United States Combat Marine Video Unit –  Veterans of Afghanistan and Iraqi Wars participated in a two-day training program at the Pentagon in late October last year.  The session involved Tom Sullivan of Sonoma Road training members of the elite Combat Marine Video Unit.  Most of the military men and women had been involved in the recent war situations and were back for an interim assignment at the Pentagon.  Training sessions involved basic video camera storytelling procedures with the Canon high-definition Mark II Video Camera.

The men were taught how to use additional support equipment to their advantage.  This included hands-on training with dollies, tracks, special lighting equipment, tripods/mono-pods, audio editing, encoding and different lenses.  The highlight of the workshop featured special tricks that save time, improve results and are especially critical in actual combat situations.  The final day involved an assignment at the 9″11 memorial outside of the Pentagon where Al Qaeda  terrorists purposely crashed a plane into America’s military center. As part of Sonoma Road’s training, the Marines created their own video “story” of the site.  It was a “real world” opportunity to incorporate the classroom instruction from the previous day and deal with  trouble-shooting issues.  Typical of all Sonoma Road training, the outdoor class assignment included hands-on professional help as Tom Sullivan passed on critical professional insights.